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In Kearny mesa we have:

"You can have EXCUSES or RESULTS but you can't have both."

Group classes

From weight loss, to muscle gain, someone looking for general health or to compete at the highest level, our programming is all inclusive for all fitness goals. 

Wedding preparation, Military entrance preparation, Sport specific training, 5k/13.1/26.2 race preparation, OCR runners, and more!

All of our classes are done in TIMED intervals, allowing us to accommodate ALL fitness levels. From beginner to expert, NXPT classes can challenge you and help you reach your fitness goals!


weight room

Our group classes are comprehensive and dynamic, but we understand you may have things you'd like to work on outside of class. So, We have created a separate weight room for our members to supplement your classes! Book your hour slot in the NXPT App and work on: 

  • Spot Training

  • Isolation and focused movements

  • Work your weaknesses

  • Stretch and do accessory work

  • Spend time pumping iron 


kids room

We understand it can be hard to juggle a workout regimen with young children. Our location in Kearny Mesa is equip with a kids room that has:

  • WIFI

  • TV with access to Netflix, Disney+, Amazon

  • Desks for homework

  • Toys for the littles

CLASS Schedule

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