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MAY 29 - JULY 3

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Member Entry
(Maintain an active auto pay or paid membership with NXPT) 

NON-Member Entry
(New to NXPT, May use following a trial/promotion, Coming back to NXPT after a layoff!) 


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 You will embark on a 6 week mission to see REAL RESULTS for your OVERALL fitness! 

Individually, your Body Composition Scan will track your data for you to potentially WIN the Results Portion! Fat loss, as well as Muscle gain, are measured to ensure a FAIR playing field for the beginner to the advanced.

While working towards your fitness results, you will also attempt to complete tasks outlined on our Challenge Board to potentially WIN the Challenge Portion! These tasks can range from running a mile before/after class, to attending an event, to doing out of the gym activities! You do NOT need to participate if you don't want to- This is a SEPARATE category within the challenge to win prizes! 

*FOR THE NON-MEMBERS: Your entry will include a FULL UNLIMITED Membership, giving you access to all of our 200 Classes a week! Once you register, you may begin the MEMBERSHIP portion and start working out! So essentially, you could get up to 8 weeks for the entry fee! 

Create your Fit 3D Profile if you haven't:


When do I schedule my Scan? 

Scan times will be released for scheduling 1/4!

There will be no scans prior to 1/5.

Where will the Challenge Board be?

Each gym will have a large banner for you to see, as well as a PDF emailed to you! 

If I sign up early can I workout now?

-YES, once you pay you may redeem the services that are included! The actual challenge will begin Monday 10/3, but you can essentially get up to 2 weeks free by signing up early! 

How do I know if Im a member?

-If you have pre paid 1/3/6/12 months, or are currently on an autopay membership your ARE a member. 10 pack users are not members and will need to by the NON member Entry. 

How Can I make things easy?

If you have NEVER Scanned before, click the link above to pre register and expedite the process! 

Do I have to attend a certain # of classes?

NO, this is YOUR challenge. You may come multiple times a day, or you may come once a week- The goal is for you to: Feel motivated, have data, access to resources, and work towards goals you have set for yourself! 


From Bootcamp, Yoga, Spin, our Online Platform, and Outdoor workouts, you have all the tools for the physical side of your journey. 

From the Nutritional Calls each week, the Weekly Videos, and the PDF's provided you will have all the nutrition and intake tools for your journey.

From the NXPT Games event at the end of the challenge, to the weekly outings and events you have the extra incentive and motivation to continue showing up for your journey.


From the Coaches, Staff, and Members you have your accountability and social tools needed to WANT to show up day after day. 

This is 6 weeks of you putting things in order, being consistent, and using the resources at your disposal to see: Muscle gain, Fat loss, Energy Increase, Toning, Education, Balance, Flexibility, and Overall Health. 

This is the most comprehensive program in San Diego at the best price point, and it is all because our mission is to reach our community and provide you with the best way to see your health increase. Invest in yourself for 6 weeks and see what we can do together! 


The Fitness Results Challenge is 6 weeks long to ensure enough time to see significant results! We use our Fit3D scanner to determine the exact Fat Mass and Lean Mass you have in week 1, then use the progress from the scan in week 6 to determine your score. 1 pound of fat loss is 1 point, and 1 pound of lean mass gain is 2 points. This gives an even playing field to all so each person has a chance to win! From the beginner looking to loose large amounts of fat, to our veteran members looking to gain some muscle and loose a little fat, you have a fair chance to win prizes! The resources given during this 6 weeks makes you work harder, smarter, and have a strategic plan to ensure progress. You are already going to try and see results in your journey, THIS ensures there is no room for error and you have the best team behind you! 

Dates, scan times, additional info coming soon...

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