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Youth Camp 


Ages 12 -18
All Sports
All levels

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Youth athletics are essential for the work ethic, the team work and leadership development that will carry on to future sports and future careers. Let us sharpen skills, build foundations, and develop the leader within your young athlete.

Our Trainers will adapt all movements in our class to accommodate your athlete.


To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Your Safety is our first priority


CDC Compliance: We have taken appropriate measures to ensure compliance with our governing bodies, as well as our own measures going above and beyond.


STAFF: Our Staff has been trained in the appropriate protocols called for by the CDC. We have prepared our team to continue and show why NXPT leads by example in all situations. 


CLASSES: We are Capping our classes at the correct MAX capacity based on our square footage, giving each person a clear  workspace to workout and warm up!


ENTRY: Before entry, we have Wash and Sanitizer stations for you to sanitize before entry. Wearing your mask is based on preference.


WORKOUT: We have 10+ of EVERY piece of equipment we use. THIS is one of the main reasons NXPT stands out in the fitness community. Our variety of options, and ability for EACH person to have THEIR OWN work station with NO SHARING. Following the workout you will sanitize your workspace. 


CLEANING: Our staff has always sanitized our gym between classes, but now more than ever our protocols have advanced. From Anti-Microbial Spray, to the most advanced disinfectant wipes for our industry. Each class ends with a 15 minute window + to clean and disinfect before the next class arrives. 


ACCOUNTABILITY: We ask each of you to make sure and stay home if you feel any symptoms or have interacted with anyone showing symptoms of Covid-19. Please follow our vast ONLINE CLASSES and enjoy NXPT from your home. If you are showing any indication of poor health or hygiene, we will ask you to step out of class. Please help us help you! 


MISSION: Our mission is as it has always been: encourage, motivate, CHANGE lives. We are not taking the current situation lightly, and want you to have full confidence in your NXPT team! 


Over 400 Online Videos of 

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  • Yoga

  • Zumba

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What makes NXPT stand out from the rest, is our community.  Our trainers, our members, our staff, are all a team which support each other and our members. In any class you will find our NXPT certified instructors working out along side our members, leading by example and inspiring from within. Each Trainer, from Yoga to BootCamp, Spin to Lifting, brings a unique background; sharpened from experience, backed by results, and supported with credentials.  

Classes and workouts are programmed to accommodate ALL fitness levels- From the beginner to the expert. We have members with goals that range from general weight loss, wedding preparation, summer body goals, crossfit competitors, OCR athletes, Ironman racers, and everything in between! Our programming will allow you to apply the correct strategy to accomplish the goal you have set out for!

Our mission is simple- shine light, change lives, motivate and encourage.  We are blessed to be a blessing in peoples lives. 


Come see why our amazing members

and community continue to place us

in the #1 spot of our industry!

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Boot Camp =  X45 / X30
  • EACH class is designed to accommodate ANY fitness level. 

  • There is NO judgment, everyone is here to get RESULTS.


  • Please bring a bottle of water and towel to each workout.


  • Please arrive early to warm up and talk to our trainers!

  • BootCamp is 60 Min, X45 is 45 Min, X30 is 30 Min of the same circuit! 

La Mesa NXPT

ALL Levels 

Youth Traning

Results Based



Our Nationally Certified and Credentialed trainers are top notch and are passionate about your progress.  "You are a product of your environment" so surround yourself with those that are on a mission to help change your life for the better! 


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