EACH class is designed to accommodate ANY fitness level. 


There is NO judgment, everyone is here to get RESULTS.


Please bring a bottle of water and towel to each workout.


Please arrive early to warm up and talk to our trainers!



High Intensity Inverval Training in a circuit layout.  You will BURN fat, BUILD lean muscle, and challenge yourself according to your fitness level.  Everything in this class is done in 'Timed Intervals' therefore you control your output level.  This class is for all fitness levels.

Duration:  1 Hour

C2 (Core Conditioning)


Focuses on the muscle groups that make up your core; abs, hips, mid & lower back.  Mix up your routine by trhrowing in our C2 class and shred that mid section! Great for all fitness levels.


 Duration:  45 Minutes



Vinyasa Flow Yoga, perfect for athletes as well as beginners. Improve your strength, promote circulation and gain flexibility!


 Duration:  45 Minutes



Personal Training

Train with one-on-one attention with a trainer. Personal training offers the flexibility and focus to meet the specific needs you have. No matter your fitness level, personal training offers a great way to get the focus on getting the results you want.  Contact NXPT to set-up a personal consultation to learn more.




This is a 30-minute High Intensity Interval Training Class, using your body as your machine.  Working through balance, stability, agility, plyometrics, calisthenics, and incorporating cardio bursts that will melt fat and shred muscle!  X30 is fun, effective, and only 30 minutes!  Challenge your body and mind... It's X30 TIME!



Dance the calories away with this high-energy, fun, latina, reggaeton, high BPM, new age, dance-class!



Training in small groups combines the individual attention that personal training offers, as well as, the group atmosphere that boot camp classes offer.Training with family, friends, and/or co-workers is a great way to make fitness fun, keep each other motivated, and push each other to the next level as we run through a cross-training workout designed specifically for your group.Are members of your group at different fitness levels or have limitations from prior injuries? NXPT can adjust and modify the exercises to meet the needs of each individual while still allowing your group to train together. Contact NXPT to set-up a personal consultation to learn more. Best of all the your initial consultation is FREE!

Highlights of an Average Saturday @ NXPT Fitness